Chillingo is another one of the major games publishers that has taken the opportunity of the iPad’s launch in nine new countries on Friday May 28th to release a new game and update some of its popular titles. The new game is Dominion HD, which is a tactical, risk-taking, turn-based world-domination game from developers Dot Matrix Interactive Design, in which players get to conquer their enemies in a bid to achieve...

Amazon has announced today that its Kindle app for iPad is now available in all countries where the iPad is available. The app lets users select from hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store on iPad and features Amazon Whispersync technology that saves and synchronizes customers’ last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlights across their Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, iPad and...

Activision is another company who has joined in all the iPad launch excitement today by announcing the release of Geometry Wars: Touch and Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies HD iPad apps. Both games utilise the iPad’s HD graphics and faster processing to enhance the game experience and immerse the player deeper into non-stop shoot-em-up mayhem.

In addition to the six original Geometry Wars gameplay modes,...

The launch of the iPad in nine new countries on May 28th has caused major excitement. The UK has been fully gripped by iPad fever, with Pocket Gamer reporting a carnival atmosphere at the Regent Street London Apple store, with British celebrity and Apple fanatic Stephen Fry in attendance, as well as the world’s tallest married couple, Wilco van-Kleef and Keisha Bolton, who were there to promote the Guiness World...
Square Enix is joining all the other big guns celebrating the second-wave iPad launch day by announcing its first ever game for the iPad – Chocobo Panic. Chocobo Panic is a party game featuring every Final Fantasy fans favourite mythical creatures, Chocobos. The fun game involves you trying to catch the big yellow birds as they run around on screen. Follow the instructions to capture the Chocobos with your...

Apple has had a very successful product on it's hands with the iPad. Before the release many people said it would be a flop... that it duplicated functionality of other devices, that it just wouldn't sell. Apple has proved them wrong. Not only has the iPad created a whole new hardware category, but it's combined the functionality of so many devices into one, and it's done it in a way that people feel is...

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