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writing Chinese characters in an iMAC from an ipad???


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Dec 21, 2011
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Vancouver - BC, Canada
my friend went to Hong Kong for vacation and back
she told me an interesting thing that I am unable to search on the web
she cannot explain further or give details of what she saw

she said her friends using an ipad can write chinese characters (that I know since day 1)
but she can somehow project the image or whatever it is onto her iMAC 21" computer
which I find it very odd to believe

I mean I am an Apple fan for years, I've own and used all kind of Apple products
including iphone4, 4s, 5, ipad2, 3, 4, ipad mini, iMac 21" + iMac 27", Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac mini etc....
I know for fact if you want to write Chinese in your iMac, you need to buy the Apple track pad or third party hardware

I find it hard it believe an ipad can connects to your iMac
anyone can share your thoughts please?

thank you

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