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Wow, 30W USB-C charger is legit!


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Sep 2, 2019
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I was skeptical, even the Apple store employee told me that it will charge "a bit faster" but not like the 3rd gen pro with usb-c cable.

Well, truth be told the difference over the 12W is night a day! Before if you put the iPad on charge on the 12W and used it at the same time, the carge level wouldn't budge it will stay at the same rate because the power is consumed at the same rate as it's charged.

With the 30W, the charge is great, you can get 20%-25%+ per hour while you're using it, or can do 40% charge per hour while you're using it.

You dont need to use the genuine Apple 30W charger, use anker plugs and cables which support PD. Be careful with the cables, some of them are really just regular usb2.0 speed/power cables. Get one that supports PD.

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