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Anker 12W Lightning Car Charger review.


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Sep 21, 2010
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The PowerDrive Lightning from Anker is a 12w / 2.4A car charger with a built in lightning cable. Included in the package is the charger and a welcome guide.
Measuring in at 58 × 28 × 28mm and weighing 32g, it is a nice compact unit and is fitted out with a 90cm MFI certified lightning cable. This cable is permanently attached so you can't swap it out for another cable like a generic USB charger so this is one purely for the iOS user.

This 2.4A charger will allow your iPhone or iPad to charge as quickly as possible and it features a safety system to ensure your device is protected during charging. There is a discreet blue LED on top to indicate power.

This circuitry also promises to avoid over charging or heating and this is reassuring. I have a small, cheaper, single port charger that delivers less power but also gets noticeably warm during use. This Anker charger performed flawlessly while remaining completely cool to the touch at all times.

Build quality feels very solid and I am more than happy to use this as my go to iPhone charger when in the car, especially at such a low price point. Only having a single cable means this is more suited to the single driver instead of a family away on a road trip. With this in mind, it is easy to recommend to iOS users who rarely have a full car.

I got this from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Release-Anker-PowerDrive-Lightning-Certified/dp/B00VV2ANVM/

Video review:


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