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Worries turned to joy!


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Feb 10, 2010
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Ok, for the past few days I have had extreme anxiety over my iPad order. Whenever I would log-in to my order status on Apple.com, & click my tracking number, it would take me 2 the UPS.com page. However, the status kept saying it was still in China! It got to the point where I was a wreck over the idea that i may not get my beloved iPad tomorrow. After a long overdue call to UPS, I learned that due to the bulk amount of Apple products coming in, that not all of the scanned items will upload properly to the site. So anyone out there that made the deadline to get their iPad on launch day but your tracking says otherwise (besides exception orders) will be getting it on time. Also, sorry for the rant. Lol. :D
Thanks for sharing the info. It says a lot about the iPad that so many of us are stressed because we may have to wait 2 extra days to get it :D.

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