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What happened to my photos?


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Jul 20, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I'll try to explain what's happened, I had recently taken some photos and then I decided to finally use iPhoto to sync my photos... After a few days I noticed that my gmail account and google + (since I believe they're connected, i never use google +) had one of the photos I had taken a few days earlier... Now... I'm not saying that iPhoto is the cause of this but I don't know since I never use google + and I don't really care for a profile pic in gmail. But I really have no idea how that photo ended up there, is it possible that on my iPad or iPhone I set it somewhere and iCloud automatically set it as profile in gmail? Or something like that?
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I don't know how the photo got there either. Nothing in iCloud or iPhoto will let you share a photo to Google+ directly. Even if you want to.

All I can suggest is that Google has a lot of routes to collect your photos. Almost any Google related app that you can share or post a photo to will end up in Google+.

They really want you to use their social stuff.

But you do have to do 'something' in Google. Just taking the picture or share/copy/syncing it to iCloud or iPhotos won't give it to Google.
Shat could I have done to set it as profile pic? It was a photo with me with my gf so I must have set it somewhere I think and then it automatically got updated as profile pic is what I'm thinking. But I can't recall setting that photo anywhere, it got uploaded as all do in photo stream in icloud, but I can't recall if I set it somewhere and then from there it got uploaded to google. It wasn't some random pic that's why i'm thinking that i must have set it as main photo somewhere, is there anywhere that would then upload it as profile pic automatically?
Your Gmail account. If you use a profile picture there, it's also used everywhere else - Hangouts, Google+, everything that has to do with Gmail.

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