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Want the iPad to start on the start page/favorites


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Jul 10, 2012
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How can I do this. I wind up having to open something that I don’t want to get a + sign to open the start page.
Sounds like you are talking about Safari's start page.

If so, you can't. At least not as far as i can tell. Safari is an app. There is no way to automatically open an app when unlocking the iPad. You are always going to end up on the Home Screen, or whatever app you had open when the iPad went to sleep.

The closest you can come is to just leave Safari open on a start page when putting the iPad to sleep with the power button. The next time you wake the iPad, you'll be in Safari right where you left off.

If you close all tabs before closing Safari, it will open with a start page.

It is also possible to create an Automation using the Shortcuts app that will create a new tab every time Safari is opened. That means all the tabs you left open will still be there, plus a new tab that will be a start page.

In the process of creating and testing this automation, I opened and closed Safari several times. I ended up with half a dozen start page tabs. So, more annoying than useful.

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