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Walking Asymmetry/Walking Steadiness


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Jan 24, 2013
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Does anyone know how to set this up. I have looked at several pages online that show you how but I think my Health app is missing something. I don’t seem to have sny set up option. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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I don’t remember setting this up either, but I found both in Health - Summary - Show All Health Data. It’s already showing data.
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I have both categories but no data shows snd I have no way to add it, that I know of,


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It’s also possible to find it via Browse at the bottom - Mobility.

It would also possible to set it up or find it when you tap your profile picture at the top right, and then select “Health Checklist”. As you’re not signed in, that won’t work. Maybe that’s also the reason why there are no data.
If you've just turned it on, it might take a day or two of carrying your iPhone to gather enough data to show in the Health app. Just a guess. Keep in mind the iPhone needs to be carried near your waist, in a pocket or holster.

The description does not mention the Apple Watch, so I'm not sure if any data is gathered from there.
Problem solved. My iPhone is a regular 7 and I read that it’s only available on an 8 or up. Figures.

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