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Updated my iPad 2 to ios8..phone still at 7...


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Mar 25, 2012
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Ios8 has taken over....backed up my phone and when I logged into iCloud, the only pictures there are the one that are on myipad.(I deleted my iPad photo stream...only have a couple of pictures I have recently taken with the iPad and those are the once on iCloud )...but where are the pics from my iPhone? I do have them all backed up on an external drive but still curious where my iPhone pictures went...I'm getting the new iPhone so I didn't bother updating the phone to ios8.

Your thoughts are appreciated
Tx much


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
If you are seeing your photos from the iPad at iCloud.com then you probably turned on iCloud Photo Library (beta) on that device. It is not backwards compatible with iOS 7. Photo Stream is, but you've turned this off, so, again, the photos are not going to the iPhone.

Photo Stream does save pictures in iCloud, but it is not viewable at iCloud.com. It's a different beast altogether; purely a sharing service that let you see the last 1000 photos (or 30 days) on your other devices; so you could copy them if desired. Photos stored there were not permanent.

Hold in mind that iCloud Photo Library is beta. That means while you can use it, it would be unwise to depend on it for important photos. Of course, that's always true. Important stuff should be saved in more than one place.

But, don't be surprised if iCPL (I'm tired of typing it out) occasionally misbehaves.

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