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Unicode Unveils 72 New Emoji Today


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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72 new emoji unveiled.JPG

Following on from the recent announcement that Unicode was to launch 72 new emoji, 9to5 Mac reports that they have today been unveiled, although they’re not expected to be actually made available to users until the release of iOS 10 this fall, and possibly even after that, as they have not yet appeared in the current iOS 10 beta seeds.

If the emoji miss the iOS 10.0 launch, they will definitely arrive at some point during the iOS 10 cycle.

New emoji include a clown, a Pinocchio nose, a drooling emoji, a pregnant women, as well as other emoji designed to level up some of the gender disparity of previous versions, including a man in a tuxedo to go with the bride, Mrs Claus to partner Santa Clause, a prince to join the princess, and a male dancer to join the female dancer.

Also included are lots of new hand gestures, including facepalm, as well as food, animals, and new sports, including Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Two emoji that won’t be appearing in Unicode 9 are the rifle emoji and one representing the modern pentathlon event, which also features a gun. Reports last week said that Apple had played a big part in vetoing those particular emoji.

Source: 72 new emoji are on the way, likely headed to iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

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