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The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

My setup is pretty simple. I just stick with the tried and true. A genuine Apple Smart Cover for the front and a nice Caudabe Shell for the back. The Smart Cover I paid full price for. Not cheap, but I like the quality and it works really well. I know some friends who've bought cheap knockoffs on Amazon, but they're clearly inferior in quality.

The Caudabe Shell is just a simple hard shell, but it feels really nice (I got the frost clear one) and is a good deal for the money: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009RN10KK

I totally concur. The Apple Smart Cover is totally worth the steep price, unless of course you'd rather shell out for multiple el cheapo replacements when the old one gets ratty. I went for the Incipio hard shell on the body — the two make a nice combination. This one has the rubbery matte texture to it, which helps provide a grippy surface. Incipio IPAD-260 IPad Smart Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case - Red - Reviews & Prices @ Yahoo! Shopping

My only regret is not going for the Leather. My polyurethane cover is looking a little dingy after 9mos of daily use. Structurally it's still VERY solid though. A great product nonetheless.
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