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TEMP $3 to $0 Price Drop: Battle of the Block


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
Price Drop: Battle of the Block (Games)

Battle of the Block 1.0

Category: Games
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Get your hands on the iPads first Killer App today!!! For Nothing! ***** Promotional 3-day Launch sale*****
Battle of the Block puts you in the shoes of one of the four neighborhood rivals. Help your group capture the block by recruiting members of all rivals and pitting them against each other!

Battle of the Block™ elevates the game play of Blackjack and the scoring system of tug-of-war to a completely new level. Espada Entertainment’s technical and creative team used high-impact original artwork and functionality to maximize user interaction with iPad’s unique technology and surface size. This includes a dynamically generated title screen based on the block rivals, a cinematic high-definition introduction, an original musical score and imaginative artwork. With both single and local multiplayer capability, users are able to play Battle of the Block™ with friends or family members directly across the table from one another.

In the weeks to come, keep up with our updates that include seasonal and monthly alternative theme packs, visual upgrades, new gameplay and features based on user feedback, joker bonuses and additional tie-breakers.

We are always keeping up with feedback from reviews and emails. We plan to continually update and build upon the game with the most requested features.

Single Player and Local Multiplayer
Gameplay inspired by Blackjack
Exhilarating scoring system inspired by Tug-of-War
Dynamically Generated Title Screen based on the block rivals.
HD Original Art
HD Introduction Cinematic
Original Music


***** Group Selection *****
Players start out by choosing one of the four rivals. When the game begins and rival members are dealt to both players, the turn order is randomly chosen and the round begins.

***** Rounds *****
The goal for each player during each round is to recruit more members than the other player while staying below 21. Each member has a value associated with them. Bonuses are awarded for winning the round with exactly 21 members or with members from your chosen group. No bonuses will be awarded if you lose the round. If either player exceeds the 21 member limit, all their current members will abandon you due to overcrowding.

When both players are happy with their current recruits, the members are pitted against each other. The overall score will be the difference between both players recruits. Any bonuses that apply are added to the winning players score. This score will then apply to the block and the player with more recruits player will gain dominance.

***** How to Win *****
The player who first captures the block completely will win the game!

Now get out there and take over the block!

Seasonal and monthly alternate theme packs for a completely different experience!
Brand new features including Joker bonuses, additional tie-breakers, and more!
Visual upgrades
Facebook Connect & Twitter integration
Best of all, these updates are free!

Battle of the Block

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