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Talkatone vs line 2


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Mar 16, 2012
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Is there anyone who has tried talkatone and line2? I have talkatone currently and the call quality is abyssymal. More than the other person having a conversation with me, it's a volley of "can you hear me" all the time. 3G is ok on the app, but there are also the issues of not rotating to landscape when switching to the app, not having your conversations ported from the iPhone to the iPad, etc. I have the feeling that this is a generally poorly developed app that was made by someone on a part time basis with no personal commitment to a quality experience either UI wise or coding wise. Line2 however feels and looks a lot more professional. I havent called anyone yet since I am on the free trial period. But has anyone tried both line2 and talkatone? Can you give your opinions please?
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Apr 28, 2011
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I recently tried both...though I don't feel as though I'm any kind of expert on either. I finally deleted Line2 and kept Talkatone...I had it all setup with Google voice...but line2 worked ok...as did Talkatone in terms of voice quality. I was using wifi, not 3G..and I thought line2 looked nice...but they sure beat me over the head for their $10/mon service...I don't get that with Talkatone...I have a friend to pays for it, but not me..

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