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Synching Contacts/Windows 7 to Touch/Ipad


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Mar 19, 2010
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I have 4 PCs in my home and 2 Ipod Touches for family members. I absolutely love the Touch for its instant-on capabilities to check emails/stock prices/googling while on the couch watching TV. I recently updated to Windows 7 and Live Mail, and lost my ability to transfer contacts from my Windows 7 PC to my Touch. I'm assuming I'll have the same problem with the IPAD which I pre-ordered.

Do I really have to re-enter hundreds of contacts into the Touch and the IPAD? Does anyone know of a solution? I do not have Microsoft Outlook, but I do have a Microsoft Live email account (I'm not sure why - my son put it on there for me for some reason).

When I go to synch, everything appears fine until I check my Touch and see that the contacts have NOT transferred at all. Is there some 3rd party software that handles Windows 7 transfers to the Touch and the IPAD, which, btw, I can't wait to get? I'm not a techie so I may not be doing this right, but beats the hell out of me, why not.

rob the elder

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Mar 9, 2010
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You did not say what OS you were running when the sync was working ok for you.

If you migrated from XP to 7 then you had to do a rebuild and lost all your XP apps and data unless you saved them off somewhere or went to a new system drive. In which case you should try running the aps in win7 compatibility mode and see if it does the job.

If you went from XP to 7 and compatibility mode does not solve the problem, you can upgrade to Ultimate or Professional and run any XP app
Windows Virtual PC: Home Page

If you went from Vista to Win7 then you theoretically did not have to do a system build, but even then you may be having troubles with "old" Vista apps that might yield to running them in compatibility mode.

I have taken 2 machines from Vista to win7 and retained all my old apps functionality. I took my primary gaming machine to win7 on a new SDD after moving all my apps to a secondary Raptor. Once I rebuilt the links, everything runs fine.

Good luck

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