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Strotter Platforma Review!


Aug 13, 2013
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United States
Hi Folks,

Serge at Strotter was kind enough to send me a Platforma iPad messenger bag to review last week. When I first got my hands on it, I have to admit my initial thought was “This thing looks really cool, but what am I going to use it for?â€

I followed Serge’s advice and watched the video on his website (Hands-free iPad carrying cases and leather messenger bags | Strotter) and it all started to make sense. I began looking through the various pockets and zipper closures of the Platforma, and noticed that there really is quite a bit of storage space in it. There’s a compartment for your iPad of course, complete with a magnetic iPad case, but we’ll get to that in a minute. What was important to me was the rest. There’s a huge pocket adjacent to the iPad slot, covered by the main closure, which stays closed magnetically until you need it open. There are also four zipper-closed pockets; two on the front and two on the back. These are for your phone, some cash, maybe your registration and insurance, or whatever you need handy.

As a motorcycle rider with a thirty mile commute every day, I was still a little bit hesitant to believe that I could replace my full sized backpack with the Platforma, but it honestly didn’t take that much adjustment. It easily fit my iPad, a pair of running shorts and socks, sunglasses, a few miscellaneous items, and some snacks to get me through the day.

The strap is not only adjustable, but has four different attachment points, one at each corner, so you can get it to sit comfortably on your back when you’re riding. In a full tuck, hauling as much butt as my little ’69 Honda 350 will haul, it felt secure and steady the whole way. The magnetic closure stayed tightly shut and didn’t flap around at all, as was my original worry.

Back to the actual iPad functionality, the Platforma has a really neat feature. As I said, there’s a hardback case that you can snap your iPad into, but there’s more. It’s equipped with four deceivingly strong magnets on the back. These allow you to flip the messenger back to your front side and lock the iPad into place on the same magnets that keep the main pocket closed normally, thus using the Platforma as a bit of a “Shelf,†right in typing position.

While I’ve only had it for a week, I can tell you it feels very well put together. The assuring sound of the magnets connecting when you close it is testament to the high quality materials and thoughtful engineering behind the Platforma. I highly recommend it for all you riders out there, motorized or otherwise.

-Aaron LaCombe

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