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Square Enix Launches Free Imaginary Range Digital Comic and Mini Game App


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Any app that uses a Final Fantasy Moogle for its icon picture will always get me pressing “Install,†but rest assured that Square Enix’s brand new free iPad and iPhone app, Imaginary Range, has much, much more to offer than that. If you’re a fan of everything Square Enix and all things Final Fantasy, then don’t hesitate to download this for your iPad right now!

Imaginary Range is a new type of entertainment app that lets users play games as they read through a digital comic, immersing gamers alongside the cast as they proceed through the story. The project was overseen by Motomu Toriyama, director of Final Fantasy XIII, with Souki Tsukishima, author of the novel Emeth: Ningyo-tsukai no Shima, who wrote the story. The art was handled by Toshiyuki Itahana, character designer for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.

The story takes place in France, during an attack by an enigmatic menace, known only as Omega, with a cast that can freely jump between reality and the world of dreams. Cid, a technician and psychotherapy specialist, travels to France to work alongside his friend Ciela to try and stop the menace. At the end of a battle that transcends dreams and reality, the world will come closer and closer to the truth.

Final Fantasy fans will love the subtle references to Final Fantasy lore, such as having a character called Cid, and the presence of Moogles. Even if you’re not a Final Fantasy fan, it’s just a really imaginative free app with some fun mini games, ethereal music, and a slight touch of magic about it.

Click here to download Imaginary Range for free for iPad: Imaginary Range HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Square Enix

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