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Square Enix Announces HeavenStrike Rivals for iOS


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Square Enix has today announced the launch of a new tactical RPG multiplayer game for iOS. HeavenStrike Rivals is due to launch later this winter, with a beta version of the game already available in Australia and Canada.

Square Enix has been working with U.K. company Mediatonic (Amateur Surgeon) to create a new IP for mobile platforms. Square Enix fans will be happy to hear that the game also features the work of Japan-based Yumiru Corporation supporting development, as well as characters designed by Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) and music by Ryo Yamazaki (Final Fantasy XIV).

The free-to-play game sees players set out on an epic adventure in a war-torn world on the edge of extinction. The aerial kingdom of Lunnain is in ruins, under attack from the Fallen, and it’s your job to help the nations people repel the advance of the ruthless monsters.

The battle system has been built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, being intuitive and easy-to-learn, but also with plenty of strategic possibilities. Or if you simply want to get stuck into some quick entry player-vs-player combat action, feel free to jump in.

There’s also a big collection element to the gameplay, with hundreds of unique characters to collect, grow and evolve.

Source: Square Enix

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