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SIMs Card


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Mar 14, 2010
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New York
I would like to know if I can switch the SIMS Card from one iPad to another iPad (if I have subscribe for the unlimited $30 service).
You could. but I suspect SpyTunes would rat you out, as it tracks which SIM is assigned to which iPad.
I t doesn't seem worthwhile. If both iPads are in the same location, just use the one with connected 3G.
iPad SIMs

I have an iPad with a Telstra Australia microSIM.
I will be travelling to Los Angeles in two weeks and would like to use the device with an American equivalent.
Where can I buy a pre-paid microSIM?
LAX or nearby would be good.
I have TomTom loaded so want to use the iPad as a GPS in car.
Just buy an AT&T sim on EBay, when you get to the States you sign up on the IPad, you will need an American credit card and address. You can buy a prepaid Visa or other that will work.

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