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Shared reminders fixed?


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Jan 19, 2013
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Or is it just me? This is a little obscure as most people dont actually know of this issue and assume shared reminders work fine. It used to be that shared reminders created within a shared icloud list would only "alert" on the creators device that it was created on, but not on the other recipents or devices. Now, it seems to be fixed. Have not updated anything, so wondering if it was a fix made to iCloud.

Example: I own an iPad and iPhone and share a reminder list with my wife who owns two devices also. Up until now, if I created any reminder with a time on our shared list, the alert would only appear for me while her devices would simply show a badge. It was very easy to miss this badge and it made no reminder sound so it was kinda useless unless you were always checking your phone/ipad.

I tried many settings to get it to have a popup alert and sound and nothing worked. Now, suddenly all four devices pop up alerts and sounds which is great. But I am not sure if this actually new or for all this time I had some kinda bug. I have heard others complain of the same issue when attempting to set up shared reminders, but cant help but wonder. Could anyone who has the means to do so confirm this for me?

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