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Shadow Wars Out Now


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Shadow Wars out now.JPG

Picked by Apple as one of its “New Games We Love,” PikPok’s Shadow Wars is now available worldwide in the App Store.

In the game the player gets to be a Shadow Master, one of the chosen few who can capture and control monsters based on myths and legends that are hidden in the modern world. Collect and battle monsters against fierce enemies, assembling a squad with diverse unique abilities.

In live events that are based on current news stories, players get to team up with friends and form alliances to defeat their rivals in the real world.

“Shadow Wars is an exciting push for us into a new genre” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of PikPok. “The game delivers a fresh perspective in the space through challenging established paradigms and bringing our game world and the real world closer together.”

Here are some of the game’s key features:
  • Powerful monsters for players to collect, level up, and evolve — each with a unique set of skills and abilities
    Exciting battle sequences — navigate a highly strategic gem board, charge skills, and attack teams of opponents
    Intense strategy — build a crew of monsters, configure their skills, and plan your play
    Alliances with players worldwide — join forces in battle and defeat rivals
    Daily and weekly live events based on real-world news stories — compete to collect rare monsters, crucial resources, and legendary artifacts!
    Artifacts to collect and further customize your playing experience
Click here to download for free: Shadow Wars: Summon, Battle, Dominate on the App Store

Source: PikPok

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