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Rumour: Next Year’s iPad Production Could be Pushed Back by Low Yield Rate for TSMC Chips


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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According to a new report from DigiTimes, via 9to5 Mac, a source in Apple’s supply chain says that an unexpectedly low yield rate for TSMC’s new 10nm chip that will be used for Apple’s A10X chip next year could delay iPad production in 2017.

Apparently, TSMC is due to start making Apple’s A10X chip for the 2017 iPad line-up very soon, as Apple is expected to launch the new range in March 2017. However, the unsatisfactory yields for TSMC’s 10nm process could delay the expected launch date, although there’s no word as to how long the delay might be for. The same source also reports that Samsung is struggling with similar low yield issues.

DigiTimes’ information tends to be patchy, although often accurate, it has to be said. However, even if the report is accurate, it doesn’t mean that iPad production will necessarily be affected, as maybe TSMC will choose to prioritize Apple’s needs over those of other companies.

Source: Supply-chain report claims low yield rates of TSMC’s 10nm chips could delay 2017 iPad production

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