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Jul 20, 2011
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This is the second of my recommended themes for IOS 5 iPads. This theme, again is nearly complete. The sleek looking darkened icons make the live wallpaper segment really stand out. The main draw back of the live wallpaper, is the portrait view, which this theme offers, both on the lock screen and on the springboard itself. Unlike my last review however, this theme boast many more themed icons, with the majority of Cydia apps also being included.

Although this theme doesn't customise the iPod player, it does offer many more variants than other themes out there. Available options include, eery boot and lock screen sound effects, twitter mod, weather and tap 2 unlock; all of which can be accessed using Winterboard. Some small glitches when using custom wallpapers, this could be solved by replacing the file in iFile instead of selecting "user wallpaper" in the Winderboard options. As mentioned, the main, well only draw back, should you wish to keep the original live wallpaper, is the fact that the wallpaper remains in portrait mode.

Below are some nice screen shots showing the sleek and stylish icons for this new IOS 5 theme. The theme also comes complete with SBSettings theme which can be changed using the "more" option in the SBSettings on the drop-down menu.

[Moderator edit: Removed picture that shows ownership of a piracy enabling tweak. This forum does not condone or tolerate piracy. This is your only warning - don't be a pirate! Please read our rules. Thank you.]


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