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Reset End-to-End Encrypted Data


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Jan 24, 2013
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This message trades between my iPad and my iPhone. When I enter my password on one it goes away and pops up on the other. I think it all started when I got my new iPad mini. Prior to that I had no problem. The only reason I bring it up is because it is so annoying to no longer have my text message show up on my iPad mini. I’m older so it’s easier to type, etc. with the iPad. I’m attaching to screenshots of the messages I get. Any help? Thanks.


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I have never seen this myself, but I do have iPhones and iPad on the same AppleID. A few questions may provide a pointer to someone:-

Do you use the same Apple ID for both iPad and iPhone and are both signed in?

What app are you using producing the problem?

Are both iPad and iPhone at the latest versions of iOS?

Something I have noticed is that items in Photos do not appear in the Photos app of the other devices as quickly as they used to. (iOS 15.2.1) While not necessarily related to your problem, there may be a longer delay now on your app, although this does not explain the encryption message.

One final thought and the answer to many problems: have you done a soft reset on both iPhone and iPad? (I wont describe the method as it varies between devices, but please try the user guide or Google if you do not know how to do this.)
Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes I use the same ID on both and am always signed into both. They both have the latest IOS version.

I’m not having a problem with any app. The deal is I have the above screenshots appearing on one or the other of my devices. I fix one and it shows up on the other. I don’t think I synched properly when I got the new phone.

my problem is my texts no longer appear on my phone and iPad. Just my phone. This didn’t happen the last time I got a new phone.


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Thanks for the reply.

Just out of interest I typed into Google 'Reset end to end encrypted data' and there are a lot of discussions about it, which I have not read through, and links to related searches including 'keeps popping up'. Perhaps there is an answer there. (I assume that they are not all your postings trying to find an answer...:))

I hope this helps you.
Thanks again. I too did that. They all mention using iTunes and a computer. I don’t have a computer lol. I’m thinking I will just have to live with it.
Do you have an Apple store nearby? They may be able to help.
Alternatively someone here may read the thread and post the solution. I hope so😊
Thanks for the help. No Apple store close. Not worth the bother. Have a great day.
The text thing may have nothing to do with the encryption reset issue. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and make sure you have it turned on for the iPad Mini.

This probably won’t backfill you missing texts on the iPad Mini, but should keep all new texts synced.

Not sure what to do about the other issue. I’ve read a couple posts through, and don’t feel I can confidently tell you what to do or what to expect. There are some kinds of information that will be lost with and ecryption reset, like the keychain and health data. Most other stuff like messages, photos, and all your apps and data are safe.

I recommend using the Support app (on the Apple Store) to contact Apple and see what they say, They rarely charge for support through the app.
Thanks for the info about text message forwarding. I found it and hopefully that works. The other issue is more of a nuisance thing. I hate having that red one in a circle staring at me. I use my iPad more than my phone so I let the alert be on my phone.

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