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RAVPower 6-Port USB Charger review


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Sep 21, 2010
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A simple, well constructed product that does one thing very well. That is exactly how I would describe the RP-UC10 USB charger from RAVPower.

In the box you will find the charger, a power lead and user guide. The charger measures in at 69mm x 101mm and sits 29mm tall. It is made from black plastic, feels very sturdy and looks well finished. On the front there are a total of six USB ports and to the right of these is a blue LED to indicate power. Above the ports you will find their respective labelling and on the rear is the connection for a standard two core figure of 8 (C7) power lead which is supplied. The charger sits atop a thin rubber strip to prevent slipping.

The left three USB ports have a 2.4A output which is ideal for higher power items such as iPads and other tablets. The right three are 1A which is more of a standard for smartphones and other USB items. All ports are also classed as iSmart which means they adapt to the connected device and provide the fastest charging speed they can offer.

The total output of this charger is 10A meaning you can use all six USB ports for charging at the same time without any impact on charge time for the attached devices. This is important because not all chargers can claim to do this, some have a total output lower than the combined ports so the output from each port is throttled when all are in use meaning longer charge times. Kudos to RAVPower for this.

In use, this is a small, unassuming box that looks tidy on a desk and gives ample USB power for the power users out there - no pun intended. In this day and age, it seems almost a necessity and I have no hesitation in recommending the 6-Port USB Charger from RAVPower.

More info at http://www.ravpower.com/6-port-usb-wall-travel-charger-white.html

Video review:


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