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Question About JB iPad and CCK


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May 18, 2011
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So I have a jailbroken iPad 2, a CCK, a 32gb Kingston SDHC card and ifile.

The issue I have is how can I open more movies in other apps like AVPlayer HD? Which is the easiest player to use to open my videos?

I have about 3gb left on my iPad2, do I have to have the file space of the file size on my iPad to actually play it through an app?

Is the best option just to go through ifile and just select the video player option (where it just plays off the SD card with no hassle)?

Sorry for all the questions - hope you can help!

Cheers all!
Hi, davies375:

First, I moved your questions to their own thread. It's against forum policy to hijack someone else's post/conversation with your own questions. Plus, the thread you posted in was way old - this way, your questions won't be buried at the end of a very long (and rather old!) thread. Gets you more current eyes on...

To answer your question: The best thing you can do is use iFile to run movies off your SDHC card. Once you've mounted the card and opened iFile, when you press on the movie, iFile will offer up an "Open In..." option and you can select the app to play the movie. I don't know about AVPlayer HD, but if the file is compatible, you can use the stock video app. I've also had success with OPlayer HD...

You do have to have enough room on the iPad for the file. That's because of the "sandbox" feature of Apple's - each app has to put the file into it's own area in order to process/run it. So, essentially, the file is copied off the SDHC card into the app; it's not really running off the SD card. It's not a biggy as long as you remember to delete the file (from the app's storage) after you've finished watching it.

Hope this helps.

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