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Puzzler HD for free!


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Sep 5, 2011
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Puzzler HD for iPad in the App Store

Puzzler HD is a classical jigsaw puzzle game for iPad where you must collect a picture from lots of pieces. The game is very intuitive and very easy to use.


In Puzzler HD you need to select a picture from several available categories then select one of the available presets (6x4, 8x6, 10x8) and start playing!


Just move pieces by dragging them, rotate and merge them in the right order. Correctly placed pieces will stick together so you will be able to move this bigger piece as a whole.


The game also have a floating hint – picture preview.


Currently the game contains 5 categories with 69 images. The categories and images amount is constantly growing.

Note that you can change a background for game area using Preferences and view best times for all solved puzzles in Scores menu items.

You can share ready puzzles using e-mail or post them on your wall in Facebook to show your skills.

In future versions we are planning to add quick start game mode to give you the possibility to instantly start playing with predefined layout.

From 16 January, 2012 full version of Puzzler HD is available on the App Store for free!

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