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Print problems - Copy / paste app that crops too...


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Apr 9, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I have a very particular need. I want to be able to print rent-a-car contracts with my ipad. I have been able to get a printer, Deskjet 3000, to print using Print Central. However, if I want to print from the rent-a-car software, the print button in the software does not work, it does nothing. The other option is to print the website page, which does work, however, althought the contract prints, the software interface also prints, which I do not want. The other option is to email me the contract and then print the email. This would have been perfect if it wasn't because when I print, I also get the "To", "From" and "Subject" lines in the printout, which I do not want. I would like to know if there is a way to avoid printing this portion of the email or if there is an app that would allow me to copy / paste just the portion I want below the "Subject" and then save it as an image or a document that would accept text and pictures or copy the entire thing and then crop it and save it as an image so that the contract prints from Print Central or similar app as it would from a regular computer. This is extremely important for my business if I can get it to work. Any suggestions will be widely appreciated.

Thank you!!!


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