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Popular Social calendar iOS app Sunrise comes to iPad


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Jun 22, 2012
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The iOS Sunrise app has launched on iPhone in February 2013 and has become very popular since them. The app connects to Google, iCloud, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare to intelligently integrate appointments, birthdays and even checkins. The slick calendar user interface is also another feature highly appreciated by those who have downloaded the app. Developers Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van have now brought the stylish calendar app to iPad users, along with visualization and synchronization improvements. Here’s what they said on the official website:

Today, we’re happy to announce our biggest update since we’ve introduced Sunrise for iPhone. Sunrise is now designed for your iPad, includes a new Week view and adds background updates. We’ve worked hard to bring the best Sunrise experience to your iPad. It’s the most beautiful calendar everywhere now. We are introducing two new visualisations: Week and Month. They make it easier to make plans from your iPad and navigate in time quickly.

Sunrise is 100% and is compatible with Google Calendar and iCloud. Among the most important features, you will find the snappy synchronization, reminders, timezone support, Facebook Events and Birthdays included, weather forecast based on your location. Also, you can tag location to events and even use Google Maps for Directions.

Source: Sunrise on iTunes

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