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Official eBay apps for iPhone and iPad Users Comes with Much Awaited Features


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Jun 22, 2012
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eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces and many buyers and sellers are making use of the dedicated iOS mobile apps to have access to the portal wherever they are. On the App Store, there are two separate apps for iPhone and iPad users and both of them have now been update with features that were requested by users for a long time ago. The iPad app has undergone the biggest change, with the following features being added and various improvements:

- In-Store Pickup

Looking for something to pickup today, or on your way home from work? Flip the “Free In-Store Pickup†option under the “Shop Locally†search filter to show items from local merchants available for purchase.

- Improved Startup Speed

We’ve tuned the app launching to be speedier, especially for folks with customized homescreens.

- Smarter Search Results

Ever search on eBay and not get enough of what you were looking for? Now, the app will show you what you asked for, and also other items related to your search.

- New Selling Landing Page

We’ve made the first selling screen make better use of the iPad’s big screen with a helpful intro and large thumbnails of any saved drafts you may have.

- More Current Shipping Tracking

When something is on the way, where is it? We’ve updated our tracking capabilities to provide more timely status updates from within the app. Pull to refresh and get the latest info.\

And here’s what has been made new with the iPhone eBay application:

• Updated Home page includes Watched items, Feed and eBay Deals!
• Larger photos on search and item pages
• Product reviews now included for many items in the eBay catalog
• You can now attach photos to messages
• Selling support added for Austria and Netherlands
• Save your in-store pick up order details to iPhone’s Passbook
• Brazilian Portuguese language support
• Speed improvements and Bug fixes

So, whether you are a professional seller or an occasional buyer, you can go ahead and get the updated versions of the app to make use of its most recent features.

Source: iPhoneForums

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