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Popular iOS Photography App VSCO Cam Now Has a Native iPad Version


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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VSCO Cam is one of the most popular photography apps on the iTunes Store, and its latest version 4.0 brings support for the iPad. This is the biggest update to the app since the official release on the Store and comes as a direct effect of feedback from iPad owners.

The iPad version get many features from the iPhone build, but makes use of the bigger display. VSCO also brought built-in iPad-exclusive tools like a new Preview Gallery view that lets users compare live filter presets side-by-side during the editing process.

Besides iPad support, the latest version of the VSCO Cam also introduces a syncing feature that allows users to edit photos taken on their iPhone with an iPad, or vice versa. What's nice is that sync also works with Android devices.

The update app also gets the new "Journal" feature, a publishing platform that allows users to layout images in a long-form format, with the ability to add text alongside them. Also, articles can be searched and viewed by anyone via the VSCO Cam app or on the web.

Source: iTunes

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