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POP3 on iPad via Gmail


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Apr 11, 2012
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I use Gmail and have set up a POP3 account for receiving and sending my work email. It has been working great. In the Gmail settings, I have it set up so the email I send is defaulted from my work email account (non Gmail).

I recently purchased the iPad 3. I set up my Gmail account. As with my Gmail that I access via my PC, my iPad is receiving my work email. However, when I compose or send I a message it is from my Gmail account, not my work account.

How do I change the Send From on my iPad so it is from my work account simliar to my Gmail account I access on my PC?
In Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > under the Mail section you can set a default email account.

When you create a new email from your All Inbox on the iPad, this is what it will use. It is also the email account it will use when sending emails from other apps.

When you reply to an email in Mail, it should use the same account as the original.

If you send an email from an accounts Inbox or one of it's folders, it should use that account.

At all times, you can tap the From field when composing the email and choose what account to send it from.
Thanks for the response. I don't want all my email accounts to default the Send From, just the Gmail account I created for work which I added the POP3 account.

Web Gmail works fine as I send all email from my work account, but when I set up my work Gmail account on my iPad I don't see where I can send from this POP3 account. Receiving from POP3 on iPad (via Gmail) fine but can't figure out where I can send from.

Do I need to set up a separate work email account on my iPad?

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