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Mar 24, 2011
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I've noticed that a few people on this forum have sprung for photosmith.

I wondered what your thoughts are, after using it for some time?

Reading the website version 2 is due out with some interesting features shortly, but I'm after the ability for tagging and rating on the iPad so these are then taken into Lightroom.

At the moment I import photos, delete the obvious duds then drop them into Lightroom in the usual way. I did a shoot of a budding actress a few weeks ago and she picked out a few pics she really liked on the spot, hence the obvious rating requirement.

£13 is a lot to chuck out just for this feature! Have I missed another app? I bought photogene for snapshot editing, and snapseed was in the 12 days of iTunes so got that free, but neither do this..

Thoughts welcome!

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