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PHOTOS on I-Pad4


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Jan 28, 2013
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Birmingham - UK in the center of England
I have just found out how to transfer my photos from my Windows 7 PC to my i-Pad thanks to an excellent you tube video by Anthony Croft.

I have lots of folders in which each shoot is situated, but from those folders, I set up another folder and transferred 62 edited images into that, so that I could follow the video and see if it worked. It did and I am pleased.

Now that I have looked at the folder again, I did not consider that the images would be in landscape and portrait mode and as such, some images display is restricted when viewing as Landscape. IT would perhaps have been better to enter all landscape and then all portrait.

Is there any way to move the photographs in the folder on the i-pad, or do I need to deleted one mode and have a second folder so that one is landscape and one is portrait?

Also, is there any way to fade and merge, as in a web slide show, or do I need another App for a different display.


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