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Can't get landscape mode in GoodReader


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Feb 7, 2012
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Boca Raton, FL
I finally resolved all the file managing activities in GoodReader. But I am not able to get the iPad to view in Landscape mode, when I am in GoodReader.

I set up two folders in GoodReader, one for Pictures, and one for Videos. I loaded in lots of MOV and MP4 video files, and also a bunch of JPG files for the pictures.

I have no trouble getting into landscape mode in all my other iPad 2 activities - just by rotating the iPad.

But when I am viewing files inside of GoodReader, everything stays in portrait mode, and I cannot get landscape mode to work. For my videos, which are usually in Landscape mode, this makes the viewable image much smaller than I would like.

Am I erring somewhere, or does GoodReader just not suport landscape mode?


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