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Pasting to websites


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Nov 7, 2010
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My gf does her uni work on iPad. She does it in pages, and the uni has a web page where you can paste your work (instead of e-mailing or printing and sending etc. )

However, I copied her work, then went to paste it on the the website, but it won't paste. It gives me the option, but when I click paste nothing shows up in the text box.

The text box has a "visual editor" button. I have to disable this to even be able to enter any text in to the text box.

Does anyone know why this is, and maybe a way to fix?

At first I thought had something to do with pages. So I pasted it all into notes, then re copied. This didn't work.

I have also tried pasting something from notes, something new and untouched by pages.

Any help or insight would be great. Thanks

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