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Nice to Meet You All!


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Nov 2, 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

My name's Simon Williams. I'm a freelance technology writer, focusing on video gaming and Apple hardware. I've contributed to various Apple-related sites around the Web, and I'm presently a features writer for Switching To Mac. I'm also the Site Manager for iPad Answers, a Q&A community for iPad users.

Why do I love the iPad? Because it makes computing feel fresh and new again. Because it can do so many of the things that the vast majority of users want from their computer - email, web browsing, social networking, playing media - and makes them accessible and interactive in a way standard operating systems and input methods can never do. It's truly the computer you could put in the hands of a 5 or 65 year old, and watch them discover the joys within for themselves. In that way, the iPad is a truly disruptive product, and in a way that I suspect a lot of hardened tech folk haven't got their heads round yet.

But enough waxing lyrical about a lump of aluminium and plastic :). I look forward to discussing the iPad in future months with you all!
Welcome to the site, hope to see you around. Any questions, feel free to ask.:)

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