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Newbie-Error msg Used 4.8G of 5G


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Nov 9, 2017
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I'm trying to help my senior mother (age 80) to use her new iPad pro 256 gb. I'm not familiar with ipad, nor oS 11..... thus, direction needed to address recent error message...
-----> You have used 4.8gb of 5gb.

My mother regularly uses email, google, facebook and I downloaded several free games from Apple store
she loves to take pictures, and take hundreds of screen shots of memes, funny pics, garden photos she finds online that she later emails to family and friends.

I asked her to do some housekeeping by deleting emails she has sent with attached photos & screen shots. This freed up some space for about 10 days, today error reappeared.

Would my hunch be correct? error message related to photo storage? she says her photo count is 1,100 pics, and I'm thinking her pics are being stored on iCloud 5gb account... her ipad has alot of storage at 256 gb, thus thinking I need to set photo default to ipad.

Assistance welcomed & appreciated,
Unless your Mother has Photo Library switched on, her photos won’t count against her iCloud allowance, which I think the 5GB stands for here. If she has a lot of Games Apps plus data and these are being backed up, they will use a lot of storage.
Thank you for your reply. How do I go about changing what is backed up?
If you use iCloud, open the Settings app, then go to your name - iCloud - Manage Storage - Backups. Select the device, then go to “Choose data to back up”, and decide which ones should not be included in a backup.

If you use iCloud Photo Library, the images are synced by iCloud, they are not included in a backup, and you won’t find Photos there.
If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, images will be backed up by iCloud. It should be possible to disable backing up photos. In case something unexpected happens, they will be lost, though.

iCloud Photo Library uses the free iCloud storage, and storage space on the iPad: iCloud Photo Library
Shared albums don’t: iCloud Photo Sharing

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