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New Xbox LIVE app is coming to iOS users now


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Jan 17, 2010
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After only a couple of days since releasing its new Xbox dashboard, Microsoft comes out with a bran-new release again. Meet the new Xbox LIVE app for iOS users that enables tracking and comparing gaming achievements, connecting with geeky Xbox friends and building your own avatar and customize it too. But this is what’s important about this new app; the users can now manage and alter their accounts.

It seems like not everybody has been satisfied with the novelty. Some claim that the iOS app isn’t as potent as the Windows Phone counterpart. More than that, it seems that the iOS app doesn’t display the same ability in performing search, play and control content like it does on the Xbox 360 console. Everything is not peachy. The biggest disappointment seems to be the fact that the Xbox Live iOS doesn’t have any sort of notifications at all. You have no idea when you get a new message or when somebody asks you to play a game. And it really needs to get notifications in order to function properly!

What else does the app do? Well the application is divided up in three distinct categories: Home - behind which you find the Xbox Spotlight feeds; Social - where your friends, inbox, and avatar are waiting for you and Games - which is the control deck and viewing point of achievements. The Xbox team at Microsoft seems to have been having a very busy semester. The Netflix app for Xbox Live was released - updated and sporting an improved user interface. And the biggest news consist in the unleashing of the Xbox software update witch enables voice controlling of the machine via Kinect.

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