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New IPad possibly.


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Jan 7, 2017
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West Bend, WI
I currently have a iPad 9 but if my request for a spend down goes through with my rep payee I am going to upgrade. I’m looking at one of the iPad Pro in the $600 price minimum price bracket. I don’t need anything really fancy but this current tablet is showing its age and slowing down quite a bit. Another option is the iPad Air. I don’t think a iPad 10 which is one up from current will be a big difference. My request is for 2000 but I do have other things I need to get too.
I upgraded to a new ipad pro 11, 512 gb. I considered several things . First was the trade in value of my older model which was good, and then the upgrade OLED screen and the newer, faster processor. I could have gone the 1tb model with the non glare screen and that would have been nice, but the way I use it was not worth the extra price. I understand there are still some more processor upgrades within the new M4 chip if you go the 1tb memory.
I decided on this one. It’s not a pro but it’s better than a 9.


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