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Need urgent help (ipad): Dropbox, SpeedReader, Pdf-device


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Jun 18, 2017
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I recently bought myself an ipad, and am noticing that there are huge differences between ios and android.

1. I'm travelling frequently, and am often reading/editing articles (esp. in pdf and word), so I often need to use and edit my files offline, and on my PC and android devices, the newly edited files re-uploaded (= synchronised) by itself, so there was nothing to worry about. I'm noticing that even when I make my files available offline on dropbox, I can't open them offline neither in word or acrobat. Other "file manager" apps can connect with dropbox, but they require me to download my files each time I want to use/crop/edit them, and re-upload (not handy, since I'm "juggling" between files). How to solve this issue? What's the best way to use and edit files on dropbox offline, productively?
a) is google drive or any other cloud app more handy for it?
2. On android, I used a speed reading app called Spritzlet to learn reading faster, when reading my pdf books (I installed the app inside my pdf readers). Somehow this didn't work for me on ios. Which speed reading app is more suitable for ipad?
3. which app is best for cropping pdf files, which I can use on ipad?



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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
In the DropBox app you can specify files as favorites. These files will stay local on the iPad. Files only. Unfortunately DropBox does not offer the abilty to keep entire folders local. Box.com does. You might look into using it instead. It's supported by almost as many apps as DropBox.

I use a combination of Documents and PDF Expert, both from Readdle. PDF Expert is a good PDF reading/editing app. Documents is more of a general file ogranizing readilng app that acts as a document provider (more on that in a minute). If you install both you get PDF Expert's more extensive editing tools inside Documents. However, you don't get a cropping tool. I'm not aware of any PDF editing app on iOS that can crop PDF files. But I haven't been paying much attention to the other editors lately. Research may be in order.

As a document provider the Documents app will save files in iCloud Drive, which can then be accesed by other apps that have iCloud Drive (and through extentions). Documents also has the abiltiy to sync with folders in popular cloud files services like DropBox. I'm not sure how well this works in the backgroung, but it does sync when you open the folder in the app.

I'm not familiar with any speed reading apps.

iOS 11 will come out with a new Files app that will be more versatile than the current iCloud Drive app. DropBox and several other cloud services have announced support for it. With luck this may help with your file managment, though don't I know enough about the new app to be certain.

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