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Need recommendations for a lightweight case


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May 17, 2010
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I have my iPad 3 in an STM Skinny at the moment, but the case (which has held up quite well, really; it's a year and a half old) is starting to break, so I'm in the market for a new one. Wondering if there's something better than the Skinny that I should get instead of just buying another.

The things I like about the Skinny that I'd want in a new case:
-slim and lightweight
-provides front and back protection
-some way of securing the front of the cover (in this case, the tab, but I'd be fine with a cover that used magnets or whathaveyou--I just want one that'll stay closed even if I hold the iPad screen-down)

The only thing I don't love about the Skinny:
-only two angles (upright and typing) in landscape mode

Are there any cases out there right now that have the first three qualities but also offer more viewing angles? The closest thing I've found in my searching is the ZeroChroma folio, which is heavier but not horribly heavy, but the dealbreaker is I use the iPad on my lap a lot and the design doesn't look comfortable for that.

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