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Need photo help


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Mar 25, 2010
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A web friend is a professional photographer. He is trying to use the iPad to replace a laptop in the field. The problem is with sending photos as attachments, the format is not compatible with some versions of Outlook, and other issues.
The problem is that we need to make alterations to the JPG images before they get sent.... and Apple dont allow changes to pictures in the albums... so the app (Photogene) applies the alterations we want and then generates the email and attatchs the altered image and sends it to the client....

It uses the apple email software.... but we cant intervene between the generation of the image and then sending it..... the original image is unaltered in the album... so we cant zip it... and we cant use a different client.....

The failure of the attatchments appears to occure in our experience on older outlook clients.... and it appears to apply to all of the IOS devices....

If you are on a normal mac then this either doesnt happen because you can send in more MS friendly formats or plain text... and of course it doesnt happen on a android, blueberry, or any other PC or linux system.....

There is simply a flaw in the encoding that Apple Email produces that means that its not 100% compatible..... which most others are.

And because Apple keep such a tight rein on the IOS and their app developers.... we have almost no solution on the IPAD itself.

What I need is some sort of email relay.... so I send it someplace and it gets opened... redone... and then resent.....

We can do that ourselves into FTP facilities.... (and we used to be able to do this with the Email as well!!!) but not all our clients have a FTP facility that we can use...

If anyone has a solution or suggestion, I would like to help out in resolving this problem.


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May 19, 2011
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I use photogene and I'm able to save the edited pictures to the camera roll using "Save to Photo Library". I also save the edited pictures to my NAS using dropbox. I can grab the photos from dropbox using my pc for further edit if needed and then save them to the hard drive and print them.

From camera roll, I can email up to five photos per email.

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