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Dec 18, 2011
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new jersey
So I decided to use my new iPad as a gps and I love it. I have a pioneer Avic Z2 in dash gps unit but it's old. Even with the map updates it doesn't do the things I would love to do that I can do with the iPad.

I have a new iPad wifi only so I needed to do a few things to get the gps working and it does work well.
I purchases navigon because of the real time traffic notification and voice guidance.
I also had to purchase a blue tooth enabled gps I chose the tomtom mkii because it was 12 bucks off eBay with a car charger.
I had to jailbreak my iPad in order to install BTstack GPS so I can pair the external gps.
There is another Bluetooth gps that u can buy and don't have to jailbreak on amazons web site but it was over a 100 bucks.
I can tell you it's great and while navigon gets me where I need to go sometimes I have to pull up google maps in satellite view to actually see where say a baseball field is if navigon doesn't quite get me there.
I also tether my iPad and iPhone so I can get google map to work and get my exact location.

I use a bracket I got from amazon for the iPad to hold in my cup holder and a charger from my lighter.

I hope there's truly a 7 inch iPad coming out and has the gps chip built in like the 3G models cause I will no doubt get that as the 10 inch is a bit large in my truck.

I should have bought an iPad with the gps chip built in so I didn't need an external gps.

I love it and if the 7inch has my needs then I'll build an in dash setup for it.

Just thought I would share an experience I use my iPad for, and no I don't really look at it while I'm driving except a quick glance for guidance.
Thanks for posting this, I too have the wifi only iPad 3 and as I do all the map reading when we are travelling it was a real disappointment to find it did not have gps.

I will probably sell this wifi only version later but for now it is nice to find there is a work around :)

Dark Angelwitch (Surrey)

Amazon.com: Arkon Tablet Seat Bolt Mount (TAB-FSM): Electronics

That's the arm I use also, however I filed a few pieces of wood together that I cut out the size of my cup holder, wrapped in black felt. I use that arm because it fits my blackberry playbook and/or my iPad. Playbook has gps built in but the mapping programs are terrible.

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