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My Xbox LIVE iPad App Gets Console Control


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that Microsoft has just updated its Xbox LIVE iOS app with support for the iPad, meaning that the remote control features that were initially only on the iPhone version are now accessible on iPad as well. As AppleInsider notes, the app has been through several evolutions, starting off as a very basic app back last December, with the ability to browse Xbox LIVE content, access your friend list, and edit messages. Then, in June, an update enabled iPhone users to access the same functionality that has now been given to iPad users, i.e. the Companion feature. This new feature, which is now active across all iOS devices, lets users launch games, browse Xbox LIVE video content, play DVDs or videos and so on. AppleInsider writes that the app even now has a similar interface to the Metro interface used on Windows Phones.

Click here to download the free app: App Store - My Xbox LIVE

Source: Updated My Xbox LIVE iOS app brings console control to iPad

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