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My inbox emails keep disappearing

This is all so very strange

A simply solution is set up a gmail account and forward all mail to that account. First spam filter is the best and it works very efficiently
I have 5 different accounts and have minimum issues. I would never recommend hot mail to any user. On my devices I use mailbox as the email client again offers more features than mail. Hopefully ios7 will offer improvements for mail.

iPad forums Administrator

Thanks, Colin. I can't understand what is going on. I went for an entire year without having problems. Then in Jan of this year it started again. I called my server and he said what I had already known, that once the mail is on my ipad, it has no way of communicating with the server anymore. I don't use icloud. It's happening every day or two again. I wonder why this would be time sensitive like this? (one year later?) It only happens on my ipad 2, not my ipad 1. And sometimes it happens exactly at 3 pm, other times it happens at other times.

I thought what had solved my problem was the setting "Ask before deleting" but I was wrong. It DID work for one year though. I have turned that off and back on but that didn't work.

So I am now forwarding my email to my hotmail account and saving what I want to save in folders there. And if I get a few emails I need to reply to, I stick in the sent folder of where my mail disappears from my inbox but that's a nuisance.

Thanks for your support and please, anyone, let me know if you figure out any other solutions. I've spent hours upon hours on the phone with apple and they don't have a clue as to what is causing it. I've done restores to no avail.

Thanks, Martha
I have just had that problem and found that by going to settings and turning email off then on again a blank page appeared where emails should have been. A write message sign was at the top of the page so I sent myself an email and the emails came back. I believe my ipad already had IOS 7 on it.

Thanks, Jen. I just tried that but it didn't work for me. (I have ios 6.0.1 though) I'm so glad it worked for you.

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