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Mushroom Wars - The legendary RTS, one of the “Top 25 PSN gamer†RTS coming on Jan,24


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Jan 8, 2013
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Mushroom Wars - The legendary RTS, one of the “25 BEST PSN GAMES†has come on Jan, 24

Release info: Mushroom Wars is now available worldwide.

The price is USD $2.99, GBP £1.99 and EUR 2,69 €.

Tailored for iPad and iPad Mini. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Size of the app is 167 MB.

Initially a PlayStation®Network game, Mushroom Wars was named one of the Top 25 PlayStation®Network games of all time by IGN. Now it comes to iPad with three types of touch’n’swipe controls and several exclusive perks for iPad gamers.

“As hands-down the best RTS on the PlayStation®Network, Mushroom Wars is a solid pick for any gamer looking to lose some time while using quite a bit of brain power,â€
IGN’s Best 25 games for PlayStation®Network of all times​

A dreadful menace threatens the Mushroom Kingdom. An unknown enemy has come between the mushroom folk, and once peaceful neighbors have begun to fight one another. Play the unfolding story, lead the Mushroom Army and mediate peace in the land!

Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced RTS (real-time strategy) that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront. Defeat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations! Increase the size of your army, complete the construction of your villages, improve your weapons, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers – it's up to you to choose your way to victory!

★ 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Br. Portuguese.
★ Be part of a fascinating journey with a story-driven campaign.
★ Test your strategic thinking. Get easily acquainted with the RTS genre, or plunge into the depth of gameplay with its three difficulty settings in both layout and powers.
★ Challenge Facebook friends. Each week a challenge is opened for friends competing for the highest score on one map.
★ Three types of controls to augment player flexibility and speed of reaction; support for left-handed players.

Complete a fascinating Campaign or challenge your Facebook friends NOW!

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