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Mine just came in


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Mar 11, 2012
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New Hampshire
FedEx just delivered two new black 32GB WiFi iPads to my place of business. I've barely had time to set it up and try some browsing and a few apps. I did take a few indoor test shots with the camera, and the difference in image quality is significant. No more graininess at all, and no obvious pixelation when enlarged.

The unit does feel a bit heavier in the hand. I have not yet tried to see if it will fit my iPad2 case.

I returned my 10 day old iPad2 for a refund when I ordered the new iPads. I stored everything to iCloud before doing a reset on the old unit. While setting up the new one, I was asked if I wanted to start new or restore. I chose restore and all my apps downloaded automatically and were right where I had left them. Totally seamless.

Browsing does seem a bit quicker and the displayed image is sharp as a tack. I'll make some more critical comments as I have more time to actually get into using the iPad.

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