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"Maybe" New Owner can you clarify a few quick facts.


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Mar 2, 2011
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I’m and Android person thru and thru but as with my old favorite software Palm. Android has let me down I'm ready to change. I had high hopes for the Xoom product. I believe that competition births evolution.
So why am I here? I’ve been researching the Xoom for a week almost endlessly. But when it came down to the hands on I found the spectacular specs did not equate into usability. So here I am about to jump into my first tablet and I need to get my head around some things before next Friday. Please allow me a pass for not searching out all of these answers. I’m just looking for bottom line facts.
Durability - Glass breakage, I saw a lot of IPOD with broken screens, how does the IPAD fair. Do they survive drops like slipping from your hands while getting out of the truck.
Flash – It’s all over the web and needed for some online training. Does that deter your web experience.
Music - I love the drag-n-drop for music and documents and I’ve been told this is a pain on the IPad
MS Integration - Same with documents, I use my HTC as a jump drive to quickly transfer files from work to on the road or home. Is this possible?
Reading - I plan to use this for eBooks, Bible and Work. Are there problems with PDF Files.
Overhead cost – Are there many free apps out there or am I spending $5 a pop for every app.
AGPS – Just how does that work if I have a wifi only device.
Data cost – As I am on Sprint w/all you can eat data what do average users use in data per month. I am concerned over the additional fee Vz will charge and I had a very bad Cell cost experience with this on the old Cingular Cell Phone Company.


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Nov 13, 2010
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Don't drop an iPad. Never even came close to dropping mine. Its a sheet of glass as are most tablets so I would recommend against testing this out. That thing should be in a case the day you buy it not only for protection but also for usability.

The omission of flash is annoying. Some will write it off, but it is annoying reading a news article and not being able to see the referenced video. Some websites dont work either obviously.

There is no drag and drop for music with the iPad. Well, you drag them into iTunes and then drop your plug into the iPad. Music transfers require iTunes.

There are various apps that can handle moving docs around. Don't expect the ipad to act like a thumb drive though. Each app has its own folder and only recognizes media that is in its folder. When you plug it in you dont see a mass storage device or anything.

Its amazing at books. Handles PDF's easy.

There are free apps, but apps are significantly more expensive usually than say on Android. There are plenty of apps that are low cost and awesome though.

It doesn't. Wifi devices do not have any GPS capabilities.

No idea about data cost because I tether mine to my phone when necessary.

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