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making folders in PDF folder


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Aug 22, 2011
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My wife has a bunch od recipes that my she wants on her ipad. She would like to have them in different catagories but in on "Recipe" folder
I'll try and explain that.
If I make a folder called "Recipes" in the PDF section of ibooks - can I now make folders in that folder?
Main folder = "Recipes" (and the following folders in the recipe folder
folder 1 = Pies
folder 2 = cakes
folder 3 = drinks
etc, etc
I seem to be able to make a folder called "Recipes" but when I move the recipes into there they are all together and not catogorized into pies, cakes, drinks etc etc. The are all bunched together.
I hope I explained myself a little bit haha
Thank you
Oh I thought I had this figured out.
In iTunes there is an option under "Edit" where you can "Add a Folder to Library"
But for some reason or other the folder does not add into the library. Don't understand that.
Still need help please
Thank you
You can't do it. iBooks does not support sub-catagories.

The add folder feature in iTunes is for importing new content to iTunes. You choose a folder and it imports the contents, not the folder structure.

The other option is to explore the App Store for recipe apps. There are a lot of them, and one is bound to do what you want.

Ignore the rest. It does not work.

It sounds like you are adding the recipe PDF files to iTunes and syncing them to the iPad. If so, here is a trick that might work almost as well as what you were asking for. It will take a bit to set up, but once you get caught up it won't be much more trouble when adding new recipes.

In iTunes on the computer, right click on each PDF and choose Get Info. Go to the Info tab and change the Genre to the subcategory you want: Pies, Cakes, etc. If you are careful you can choose multiple files and change their genre at the same time. Then sync the iPad again.


In iBooks choose your Recipe collection, then choose the List view, and the Categories option at the bottom. You'll get a view with the genre listed in alphabetical order. You'll still have to move the PDFs into the Recipe collection manually, probably from the default PDF collection.

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Drat! I got around to testing this, and for some reason the PDF books are not syncing the Genre to iBooks.

Maybe you will have better luck, but try a few before committing to full scale editing.

Update: Even normal books are not letting me change the genre, so I guess it's not just PDFs. Too bad. It seemed like such a neat solution. Guess I should test these things before I post. (sigh)
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Sorry but there are other ways...

For pdf or doc or another format...

U can use file app, is a free app.... At there u can make folders to put each recipe in a category...(thinking that u have pc, not mac) and u can sync wireless

If u want to use it, and you need the detailed steps, let me know... I work like a teacher to individual persons and usually female persons, and this is one of the issues that uses to have my students... So i can make a video of the steps an put on my youtube channel... Only it will be in spanish but with subtitles 4 u...
( if u can see my write english is bad... But my speak english is worst!)

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