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Looking for apps to help those with low vision


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Mar 28, 2012
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New England
My husband is losing his vision. I'm hoping to get an ipad (still deciding which one) and hoping someone can suggest a few helpful apps. I understand there's one app that takes advantage of the rear-facing camera to scan in printed material and then it shows up as resizable text on the ipad. Any suggestions -- or any other apps that might help his situation?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Apr 2, 2012
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Great Apps for People with Vision Loss

Here is a list of great apps that have been tested and are recommended for people with vision loss. If you or your husband need help or a quick tip, we have an Apple tutor who volunteers every Tuesday at the Guild. You can reach her at by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Micky.

LookTel Money Reader
Announces denomination of paper bills.

Ariadne GPS
Talking maps, announces stops on buses or trains.

Color ID
Announces color of any item

Light Dector
Emits a sound that intensifiies to help locate lights

Taxi Magic
Skip calling the dispatcher and order a taxi from your phone and find the current location of the taxi as it approaches

Voice Brief
Reads email, twitter feed, weather, etc.


Cross between walkie-talkies and texting. Connects to people, sends an email or text asking if they want to talk.

List Recorder
Record and organize lists using audio or text. Replay, sort, delete or email recordings.


Searches the Internet to identify objects you have taken photos of with your camera.

Simply take a picture of any object and record your question. Then select whom you wish to send it to. Your choices are Web Worker, IQ Engine, email or Twitter. Web worker is a human volunteer who will review and answer your question. Email allows you to send your question to someone you know from your contacts and Twitter will tweet your question to your followers.

Stores voice notes, photographs and text so they can be accessed from multiple locations

Yellow Pages
Search via voice for business or person nearby.

Use the GPS on device to find a great restaurant neaby. Search by type of food, ratings or distance.

Dragon Dictation
Simply speak, adding punctuation, and this app will type it up in an instant and copy to clipboard.

Alarmed~Reminders, Times, Alarm Clock
Great organization tool

Local forecast

AutoRingtone Pro Text
Personalize ring tones for each contact

Chimes on the quarter, half or hour.

MotionX GPS

RXmindME Prescription
reminder app for medication and keeps track of how many pills you have left and when to re-order.

Travel Organizer

These apps are for iPhone or iPad. Make sure they work on your device before ordering. Most work with Voice Over.

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Mar 28, 2012
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New England
Thank you very much. Just downloaded Dragon but didn't know about the others.

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